Chaenostoma cordatum

Water Needs


Chaenostoma cordatum
Trailing Phlox

10 - 15 cm


Light Conditions





white; autumn

sun; afternoon sun; clay soils; windy exposed; roof gardens; green walls; paving; container; wildlife bees; narrow spaces;

Garden Situation


fynbos; coastal eastern cape; coastal kzn


subtropical east coast; thicket; western cape

Rain Season

winter; summer

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Pronounced Kee-nos-toma. The Trailing Phlox a magical groundcover that performs beautifully in both sun and shade, inland, and coastal. It hugs the ground forming low mounds of up to 300 mm, and will spread to cover a space of equal width to 500 mm. Single white flowers with a characteristic yellow centre, grow in the leaf axil, often tucked among the leaves. There are often a few flowers seen year-round, but the main flowering season is spring. Give plants a light trim between flowering times. Plants do better when given some shade in hot, dry areas; the Trailing Phlox is not especially water-wise and is also sensitive to frost. Many cultivars are available in nurseries, one of the prettiest with flowers in pale pink. Chaenostoma spreads by rooting stems. Bees pollinate the flowers

Chaenostoma cordatum
Chaenostoma cordatum