Cotula sericea

Water Needs


Cotula sericea

15 - 40 cm


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade




yellow; spring summer

sun; damp sun; semi-shade; clay soils; paving; wildlife bees insects

Garden Situation


fynbos; coastal eastern cape


western cape; thicket

Rain Season

winter; summer

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Buttons, Knoppies, or Silky Cotula, is one of the most charming of our groundcover selection. This versatile and delightful evergreen groundcover forms soft, feathery mounds in sun or semi-shade; plants grow between 20–40 mm tall but are more commonly low-growing with a spreading habit. Little yellow buttons bounce above lacy light grey-green leaves forming a silky yellow carpet for most of the year with the main flush from spring to mid- summer. A fast-growing plant for coastal and inland gardens the Silky Cotula has moderate water needs and does seem to prefer regular watering regime. Easily propagated from cuttings, plants spread rapidly by rooting where stems touch the ground providing fresh new plants as older specimens can become rather woody. Rooted cuttings must be kept moist for a few days. It originates along the Eastern Cape coast from Mossel Bay to East London, and does very well in both summer and winter rainfall regions. Flowers attract pollinators. .

Cotula sericea
Cotula sericea