Dimorphotheca ecklonis

Water Needs

low; moderate water wise

Dimorphotheca ecklonis
Perennial; Groundcover
Cape Marguerite, Van Staden's River Daisy, White Daisy Bush

75 cm x 1,5 m


Light Conditions





white September to February; spring summer

rockery; sun; semi-shade; wall; paving; container; dry soils; sandy soils; shrubbery; slope bank; wildlife butterflies insects butterfly host; clay soils;

Garden Situation


rocky places; urban streets



Rain Season

summer; winter

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The flowers of this species, with large white florets around a dark blue eye, make a sparkling addition to a spring and summer garden. This soft bushy perennial grows to 75 cm with a spread of up to 1.5 m. Plants cover the ground rapidly. Growth form can be upright or decumbent (spreading) with the lower sections of branches bare of leaf. Older plants can get quite woody. While commonly used in gardens country wide, it is considered as threatened in the wild with only a small distribution area in the Eastern Cape which is under pressure from urbanisation. Prune hard after flowering in its second season and replace older woody plants. This daisy bush is poisonous to cattle.

Dimorphotheca ecklonis
Dimorphotheca ecklonis