Eragrostis capensis

Water Needs

moderate; high

Eragrostis capensis
Heart Seed Love Grass

50 cm seed stems up to 1.2 m


Light Conditions





biscuit-coloured seed head September to May; spring summer autumn

sun; grassland; rockery; damp sun; roof; paving

Garden Situation


grassland; fynbos; bushveld; water


thicket; Highveld; bushveld savanna; karoo; subtropical east coast; western cape

Rain Season

summer; winter

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The Heart Seed Love Grass grows naturally in damp areas but thrives in typical garden soils in areas of moderate rainfall. Widespread through much of the summer rainfall biomes, and the coastal Western and Eastern Cape, it forms small, dense tufts. Leaves are narrow, up to 70 mm long, and often red-purple at the base. One of the first grasses to flower after a winter burn, or as the spring rains fall, clumps soon send up tall flowering stalk (up to 1.2 m high) with beautiful biscuit coloured seed heads from September to May. Flowering stems often droop under the weight of the inflorescence. The Heart-seed Love Grass has become a favorite subject of meadow and grassland displays. Eragrostis must be cut right back at the end of winter.

Eragrostis capensis
Eragrostis capensis