Felicia amelloides

Water Needs


Felicia amelloides
Blue Marguerite

60 x 60 cm


Light Conditions





Blue; white; September - March; spring summer autumn

Garden Situation

sun; roof gardens; container; grassland; walls; rockery; slope bank; sandy soils; paving; wildlife bees insects butterflies; narrow spaces; clay soils;


fynbos; coastal eastern cape; urban streets


western cape; thicket

Rain Season

Summer; winter

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There is little to rival this particular shade of blue around the garden, and its success, popularity, and worldwide fame have been immortalised by the philately world, first appearing on a South African postage stamp in 2003. Performing best in the day-long sun it retains a soft, mounding form well suited to border edges, banks, and rockeries, or spread throughout the bed. Make use of this mounding habit to create a textural interest around spiky plants as a change to a typical expansive sweep of cover. Mature height is 30 – 45 cm x 50 cm, its rapid growth ensuring first season flowering from spring to autumn. The Blue Marguerite thrives in windy places, and sandy soils, is water-wise and tolerates a moderate frost. The white form, ‘Alba’ is a most attractive slightly smaller cultivar.

Felicia amelloides
Felicia amelloides