Felicia muricata subsp. muricata

Water Needs

low; moderate; water wise

Felicia muricata subsp. muricata
Perennial; Shrub small
Bloublommetjie; Taaibloublommetjie

20 cm


Light Conditions





white; yellow spring summer autumn

Garden Situation

sun; clay soils; grassland; rockery


grassland; fynbos; hot dry; bushveld; woodland


thicket; Highveld; subtropical east coast; bushveld savanna; karoo; western cape

Rain Season

summer; winter

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Tucked away amongst the grasses are the miniature and delicate, white and yellow daisy flowers of the perennial Felicia muricata subsp. muricata, a typical grassland species providing a contrast with the grasses in the garden in summer. Felicia muricata flowers on and off throughout the year, even in winter, and is an attractive plant en-masse, especially on the edges of grass gardens and along paths. It is a much-branched shrublet, often woody at the base with needle-like leaves that grow in tufts along the stems. There are several subspecies and variations in flower colour across the habitats and distribution range.

Felicia muricata subsp. muricata
Felicia muricata subsp. muricata