Gazania rigens

Water Needs


Gazania rigens
Trailing Gazania

20 x 40 cm


Light Conditions





yellow; white; August - March; winter spring summer autumn

sun; slope bank; windy and exposed; walls; paving; dry soils; sandy soils; roof gardens; rockery gravel gardens; wildlife insects butterfly host

Garden Situation


fynbos; hot dry; urban streets; coastal eastern cape; coastal kzn; urban streets


western cape; thicket; succulent karoo

Rain Season

winter; summer

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I love this groundcover, both the green and grey-leaved varieties. Many see the trailing Gazanias as just an old standby, to use where nothing else will. It is tough; I’ve seen it flower for much of the year in hot, humid climates, scrambling with happy intent to fill the available space, and thrive in the dry, shallow soils of a traffic circle where it shrugs off car fumes, and the daily muck kicked up from the roadside. And still, the cheerful yellow or cream daisies keep on showing up for your pleasure. There will be the odd bare spot as a section dies off; simply pop in another plant and the gap will soon be filled. The only soil the Gazanias do not relish is clay.

Gazania rigens
Gazania rigens