Kalanchoe sexangularis

Water Needs

low; Drought tolerant and water wise

Kalanchoe sexangularis
Red-Leaved Kalanchoe; Rooiblaarplakkie

60 cm - 1 m


Light Conditions





Acid yellow from; winter spring

sun; rockery; walls; slope bank; dry soils; sandy soils; container; wildlife bees butterflies insects birds butterfly host

Garden Situation


rocky places; bushveld; coastal kzn; grassland; urban streets


subtropical east coast; highveld; bushveld savanna

Rain Season


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A strong growing, unique succulent with startling seasonal colour changes. Leaves are broad, thick and heavy, with an irregularly lobed margin; they curl slightly upwards. Leaves are mid-green in light shade and during the rainfall season, becoming dark maroon in dry soils and cold temperatures. Flowers are acid yellow, making a strong statement when combined with the dry, cold maroon-leaf stage. They’re made up of a clutch of small tubular flowers carried at the tips of tall branching stems. Plants grow fast and attract bees, butterflies and other insects. Use the Red-leaved Kalanchoe in a rockery and aloe garden. It shows to great effect alongside the grey-red leaves and white flowers of Kalanchoe thyrsiflora. A great choice for coastal gardens.

Kalanchoe sexangularis
Kalanchoe sexangularis