Lampranthus amoenus

Water Needs


Lampranthus amoenus
Succulent: Groundcover
Darling Lampranthus; Darling Vygie

60 cm


Light Conditions





Pink to mauve and iridescent purple; spring

sun; rockery gravel; walls; container; slope bank; dry soils; sandy soils; windy exposed; wildlife bees

Garden Situation


hot dry; rocky places; fynbos; urban streets


western cape

Rain Season


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 Spring flowering displays of the spreading succulent vygie are spectacular. It is more of a shrublet than groundcover, growing to 60 cm high with flowers showing at the tips of strong, branching stems. Leaves are blue-green (glaucous), with soft, blunt tips. Flowers are 30 – 40 cm in diameter opening fully only in bright sunshine from August to September. Colour ranges from pink to mauve and iridescent purple, occurring in groups of 3. Plants grow rapidly to full size within a couple of year, but does become woody in time. Flowering continues for many years before plants need to be replaced. The Darling Vygie is an easy, water wise plant that needs little care and attention, perfect for those new to gardening and where good cover and bright colour are required. Plant where soil drains well. Flowers attract bees and other insects.

Lampranthus amoenus
Lampranthus amoenus