Leucospermum oleifolium

Water Needs


Leucospermum oleifolium
Shrub small; Shrub medium
Overberg Pincushion

ize: 1 m x 1.2 m


Light Conditions



tender; light


Red and yellow; August to January; winter spring summer

Garden Situation

sun; sandy soils; rockery; screen; shrubbery; slope bank; wildlife bees insects sunbirds birds




western cape

Rain Season


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This beautiful and rewarding member of the Protea family forms a neat, rounded shrub with grey, velvet-like leaves, and clusters of red and yellow flowers at branch ends. Flowering profusely from August through to the New Year, new flowers are a pale yellow that as they age, turn orange and then bright red. With new flowerheads opening continuously through the season, the plant is covered with bristly heads of all three colours. The nectar rich flowers attract insects, many bird pollinators and the Scarab beetles, another important pollinator of this particular Protea. Plant in full sun, in soils that drain well, and mulch thickly to keep moisture in the soils and prevent any root interference which all Proteas dislike. Water regularly until well established. Tolerant of sandy and coastal conditions.

Leucospermum oleifolium
Leucospermum oleifolium