Metarungia longistrobus

Water Needs


Metarungia longistrobus
Shrub medium
Sunbird Bush

2 x 2 m


Light Conditions

shade; semi-shade; sun




Peach-brown; summer; autumn; winter spring

Garden Situation

shade; dry soils; afternoon sun; security screen; dry shade; slope bank; wildlife birds insects; narrow spaces; fast-growing easy-care


bushveld; urban streets


Bushveld savanna;

Rain Season


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A small to a medium-sized shrub with large soft leaves and unusual peach-brown flowers. This generous bush offers two flowering seasons: late summer to autumn, and winter to spring. Growth is rapid, reaching mature height, 1,5 – 2 m, within 2 years or sooner in hot, wet regions. Leaves are blue-green to grey-green, growing along hairy branchlets to form a neat, bushy, slender shrub that fits into small gardens and narrow areas, and makes a perfect privacy screen. The Sunbird Bush does best in dappled, light, and semi-shade, and well-drained, fertile soils. This is an undemanding shrub and only requires a light trim as winter ends, to encourage branching. Plant in a large container to provide screening on a patio, or use as part of a mixed boundary screen. Flowers attract birds and butterflies.

Metarungia longistrobus
Metarungia longistrobus