Searsia pendulina


Water Needs

moderate; drought-hardy; water wise

Searsia pendulina
Tree small; Tree medium
White Karee

4 – 9 m


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade




Greenish-yellow; February to March; summer autumn

Garden Situation

sun; sandy soils; damp soils; screen; shrubbery; windbreak; wildlife bees birds butterflies insects


water & stream edges


Highveld; Karoo; Succulent Karoo

Rain Season


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This is one of the best bird trees for SA gardens and the host plant for the Pearl Charaxes butterfly. An evergreen to semi-deciduous small to medium-sized tree with a much-branched, open crown, and willow-like stems and foliage. Smooth light grey-brown bark becomes rough and somewhat spiny with age. Leaves are typically trifoliate, thin in texture, smooth and dull green. Tiny flowers grow in sprays from February to March, greenish-yellow, with male and female flowers on separate trees. Only female trees bear fruit from December to May; green-red fruits ripen to black. This species is hardy to drought, frost and wind. One of the most attractive trees for urban gardens but with a limited lifespan. Fast growing up to 1 m/ year; neat growth form; non-aggressive roots, although some landscapers recommend planting away from pools and foundations. Excellent species to plant in massed groves around dams and along watercourses.

Searsia pendulina
Searsia pendulina