Senecio speciosus

Water Needs

moderate; high

Senecio speciosus
Beautiful Senecio; ibohlololo; ibohlololo

30 - 50 cm


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade


moderate; hardy


pink, purple, magenta. July – January; winter spring summer

damp sun; grassland;

Garden Situation


grassland; wetland pond


thicket, Highveld, subtropical east coast, western cape; bushveld savannah

Rain Season

summer; winter

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A clump forming perennial with beautiful 40 mm pink to magenta flowers at the tips of numerous tall stalks from late winter through to summer. Size is variable from 30 cm up to 50 cm. Stems and new buds are softly hairy, beautiful just after the rains. Leaves are attractively toothed, at times wavy, 10 – 20 x 2 – 4 mm in size, and grow from a basal rosette. Plants are attractive even out of flower, and die back briefly.

Senecio speciosus
Senecio speciosus