Tinnea barbata

Water Needs


Tinnea barbata
Shrub small; Shrub medium
Bush Violet; Blue Tinnea

1,5 x 2 m


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade




blue-purple; spring; summer

screen; dry shade; light shade; semi-shade; container; shrubbery; slope bank; wildlife insects; narrow spaces; clay soils;

Garden Situation


woodland forest; grassland


subtropical east coast; highveld

Rain Season


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The Blue Tinnea is a most attractive shrub offering medium height with a slender form. Dark glaucous (blue-green) leaves are small and lightly hairy, and provide the perfect backdrop to the most beautiful purple-blue flowers. Flowering displays are from spring to summer, with a few scattered flowers through the year. These hang like little bells from the slim, flexible stems and are best seen in light to semi-shade. Some inland gardeners suggest the shrub needs a light prune to keep scrambling limbs in check; down in Durban I find it is the neatest, maintenance-free shrub in the garden, and it thrives in morning shade and afternoon sun, and is drought-hardy. May be deciduous in a cold, dry winter inland, and require extra water.

Tinnea barbata
Tinnea barbata