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Aloe cooperi


Water Needs

moderate; damp

Aloe cooperi
Aloe; Succulent
Cooper's Aloe

60 cm - 1,2 m


Light Conditions



light; moderate; hardy


Peach; orange; December - March; summer

Garden Situation

Sun; damp sun; windy exposed; narrow spaces; wildlife bees butterflies insects birds


Grassland; wetland ; coastal eastern cape; coastal kzn; bushveld


Highveld; Subtropical East Coast; thicket

Rain Season


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Aloe cooperi is our best grassland Aloe, yet it is not seen very often in a garden setting. Flowering during summer from December through to March, it offers Aloe lovers gorgeous flowers outside of the typical winter-flowering season. Peach to orange flowers stand tall above the thin curing, grass-like leaves, growing to least 1m high. The leaves are a bright green and dotted with white underneath, with tiny little ‘teeth’ all along the leaf edges. Planted in large groups, it is an eye-catching sight. This plant offers year- round textural interest, a beautiful choice for the grassland bed or within a mixed border. Combine with other grassland species like Cyanotis speciosa, or grasses like Aristida junciformis and Melinis species. Its natural habitat is grassland from dry rocky areas to wet, marshy place, from the coast through to the high altitudes of the mountains and Mpumalanga. In a garden situation, Aloe cooperi does best in compost enriched soils and moderate rainfall.

Aloe cooperi
Aloe cooperi
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