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Barleria prionitis subsp. delagoensis


Water Needs

low; water wise; drought hardy

Barleria prionitis subsp. delagoensis
Shrub small
Delagoa Bay Barleria; Porcupine Flower

40 cm – 1 m


Light Conditions



light; moderate


pale yellow-orange; summer autumn

Garden Situation

sun; dry soils; sandy soils; rockery; shrubbery; security; slope bank; windy exposed; container; wildlife butterflies insects


Coastal Eastern Cape; grassland; rocky places; urban streets


Subtropical East Coast; Highveld

Rain Season


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A fast-growing small shrub for sunny areas, the Delagoa Bay Barleria is a multi-branched perennial or subshrub of 40 cm to 1 m high. Leaves are bright green with pale yellow to orange flowers growing in the leaf axils where spines are also present. Flowering takes place from late summer to autumn. Plants prefer well-drained soils in full sun. Use in rockeries, on rocky or sandy slopes, as part of a shrubbery, or as a container plant. Flowers are pollinated by insects and attract numerous butterfly species. Effective in holding soils on steep slopes. Copes with moderate frost, and is drought hardy. An attractive small shrub for the low-water zone section of the garden. KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga

Barleria prionitis subsp. delagoensis
Barleria prionitis subsp. delagoensis
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