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Crassula rubricaulis


Water Needs

low; drought hardy

Crassula rubricaulis
Red-stemmed Crassula; Rooistingelplakkie

50 cm


Light Conditions





red autumn

Garden Situation

roof garden; rockery; walls; container; sun; slope bank; sandy soils; wildlife bees butterflies insects butterfly host; narrow spaces;


fynbos; rocky places; hot dry;


western cape; thicket

Rain Season


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Red-stemmed Crassula or Rooistingelplakkie. The red stems that give it the common name carry overly large and heavy round heads of white flowers through the autumn months – and even in to winter depending on the area you live in. Flowers are white, made up of many small individual flowers each 5 mm long, with 5 pointed petals. These are mostly carried at the tip of the stems, but a few smaller flowers grow up the length of the stif flower stalk. Parts of the flower turn red as they age and the overall impression is a gorgeous soft ball of white and rose. The narrow, fleshy leaves are stalkless, attaching directly to the stems, with margins tinged red. Leaf size is small (2.5 cm x 1 cm) and are obovate in shape, meaning, they are wider at the tip than at the base, and are covered with tiny white hairs. The multi-branched shrublet grows to 50 cm wide, but they form rounded groups of up to a meter wide, creating a quite stunning effect in a rockery or a succulent garden. Propagate new stock by splitting the root ball of older plants, or via stem cuttings.

Crassula rubricaulis
Crassula rubricaulis
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