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Crinum bulbispermum


Water Needs

moderate; high

Crinum bulbispermum
Bulb; Perennial; Water plant
Orange River Lily

up to 1 m


Light Conditions





pale pink flowers with a dark red stripe; summer

Garden Situation

pond wetland; damp sun; clay soils; container; grassland; rain garden; wildlife insects


wetland pond; grassland; coastal kzn


Highveld; subtropical east coast; karoo; bushveld savanna

Rain Season


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Crinum bulbispermum, or Orange River Lily, is a quite beautiful and popular Crinum perennial bulb growing up to 1 m high but can be quite variable in size. Abundant somewhat drooping pale pink flowers with a dark red stripe are carried on thick stems above long, strappy and arching grey-green leaves from the end of November. Each plant produces between 5 and 16 flowers each. This lily is widespread but mainly occurs on the Highveld in Gauteng mainly in the Witwatersrand and Suikerbosrand area near streams and rivers. C. bulbispermum does well in the cold winter and hot summers of this region. Plants thrive in damp, soggy soils and needs ample water during summer and are dormant through winter. This is one of the largest of the SA Crinum species, with a very large bulb that produces a false stem above the soil up to 400 mm long. Plants need deep soils to thrive. Flowers are followed by large pink fruit capsules covered in a layer of papery scales that protect the seeds through winter. The bulbous seeds germinate quickly and readily.

Crinum bulbispermum
Crinum bulbispermum
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