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Cyperus prolifer


Water Needs

moderate; high

Cyperus prolifer
Perennial; Grass
Dwarf Papyrus

45 cm – 1 m x 35 cm spreading


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade


45 cm – 1 m x 35 cm spreading


Green brown; summer autumn winter spring

Garden Situation

sun; semi-shade; damp soils; damp shade; damp sun; green walls; clay soils; narrow spaces; container; water; wildlife frogs will lay eggs in the stems


Coastal KZN; Coastal Eastern Cape; wetland pond


Subtropical East Coast; Thicket

Rain Season


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This miniature Cyperus species is perfect for small water features and damp soils in even the smallest garden. Soft round feathery heads form at the tips of hard, slender stems. The entire plant is bright green and glistens in the sunlight. Needs wet to damp soils year-round. Can spread and pop up a distance from the mother plant, but this is easy to control. A gorgeous textural plant. Evergreen sun, light shade, moderate to high water needs, light frost.

Cyperus prolifer
Cyperus prolifer
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