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Dais cotinifolia


Water Needs

moderate water wise

Dais cotinifolia
Tree small; Tree medium

4 – 6 m


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade




pink November to December; spring summer

Garden Situation

sun; semi-shade; afternoon sun; shade tree; focal point; container; shrubbery; sandy soils; small area tree; salty air; wildlife bees butterflies insects birds


woodland forest; rocky places


thicket; Highveld; subtropical east coast; bushveld savanna

Rain Season


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This beautiful small to medium deciduous tree has an attractively rounded crown with a briefly leafless period at the end of winter in warm climates and throughout winter in cold regions. Plants grow rapidly to reach their full size within 4 – 5 years. Flowering begins when still young, and provides a breath-taking sight in full flower in summer – SANBI’s description of resembling a giant stick of candy floss describes this gorgeous tree perfectly. Pink balls grow in clusters that hang off the ends of long thin stems. Flowering times and length are quite variable; Kirstenbosch Gardens indicate that flowering occurs only in December in the protected environment; in Cape Town, they’re seen in November. Down here in Gillitts flowers emerge in November, and are usually over within a couple of weeks being battered by heavy rain. Out of flower, leaves are attractive, fairly large and bright to blue-green with clear veins providing attractive patterned foliage. Plants seed themselves readily when conditions are right – here in Gillitts they pop up everywhere. Trees should be planted during the rainy season for successful establishment.

Dais cotinifolia
Dais cotinifolia
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