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Senecio barbertonicus


Water Needs

low; moderate

Senecio barbertonicus
Succulent; Shrub small
Succulent Bush Senecio

1 - 1,5 m


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade


Light; moderate


Yellow; winter summer

Garden Situation

Sun; Light shade; semi-shade; rockery; screen; dry soils; sandy soils; walls; slope bank; wildlife insects butterflies


cliffs; grassland; bushveld;


highveld; subtropical east coast; bushveld savanna

Rain Season


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A lovely succulent shrub that comes into its own in winter, adding lime green foliage and acid yellow flowers for insects and gardeners. The Bush Senecio forms a neat, rounded shrub between 1 and 1,5 m high, with long, slim, upward-reaching cylindrical leaves. Multiple stems branch from low-down from a single woody stem. From winter to summer, tiny flowers cluster in groups at the branch tips. The growth rate is moderate to fast, and the shrub requires well-draining soils. Water to establish the plant, and, for the most part, it should not need supplementary watering except in a prolonged drought. Use it at the back of a rockery, perennial bed, to stabilize banks, and in the wildlife garden. It does well in coastal and inland gardens.

Senecio barbertonicus
Senecio barbertonicus
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