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Agapanthus africanus


Water Needs


Agapanthus africanus
Groundcover; bulb
Dwarf Agapanthus

35 x 35 cm


Light Conditions



light; moderate; hardy


blue; white; November - March; spring, summer; autumn

Garden Situation

sun; windy and exposed; retaining walls; green walls; roof gardens; slope bank; paving; container; sandy soils; dry soils; narrow spaces; wildlife bees sunbirds


grassland; urban streets; fynbos


Western Cape

Rain Season

winter; summer

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This perennial is the smaller cousin to the world-famous Agapanthus praecox (they feature in countless American and Australian TV shows,) and is an outstanding water-wise perennial with roots that are especially good at holding the soil on slopes. The Dwarf Agapanthus thrives in full sun and partial shade, but just make sure the soil drains freely – and, for those with acid soils, this perennial is a good choice. Do not overwater, particularly in the summer rainfall region. There are numerous hybrids available, but you cannot go wrong with a mix of the original blue and white species. Flowering season is from December to February. This plant battles with a certain caterpillar and with rot in the humid, wet summers of the east of the country. 35 x 35 cm. A. africanus, according to SANBI, was the first of the genus to be collected in South Africa; first described in 1679, taxonomists initially placed this species within the Hyacinth family.

Agapanthus africanus
Agapanthus africanus
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