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Aloe tenuior


Water Needs


Aloe tenuior
Aloe; Succulent
Fence Aloe

1 - 1,5 m


Light Conditions

semi-shade; sun




yellow; orange-red; May - September; autumn; winter; spring

Garden Situation

dry shade; sun; semi-shade; afternoon sun; screen; rockery; windy exposed; container; shrubbery; wildlife bees insects; narrow spaces; fast-growing easy-care


coastal eastern cape; coastal kzn; urban streets


thicket; Subtropical East Coast

Rain Season


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Aloe tenuior is a beautiful rambling aloe with orange or yellow flowers through much of the year, peaking in March to August. It’s natural inclination is to send out stems often as long as 3 m, to intermingle with neighbouring shrubs. Lower stems become rather bare with age, but, as with most succulents, it is dead simple to break off pieces of it and push them into the ground to root. In this way, young stems provide fresh leaf and flowers close to ground level, turning this rambler into a neat, rounded shrub. This is a quick and cost effective way to increase the width of an othewise loose and lanky plant. Cuttings from the end of winter trim can be used to the same effect, or to propagate new plants. Frost tender Drought and wind tolerant Flowers: red or yellow Size: 0.8 - .8 m Natural habitat: rocky places along forest margins and in thicket, from the coast up inland of South African and Lesotho.

Aloe tenuior
Aloe tenuior
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