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Barleria albostelata


Water Needs

low; moderate

Barleria albostelata
Shrub small; Shrub medium
Grey Barleria

1,5 m


Light Conditions

semi-shade; sun


light; moderate; hardy


white; September - February; spring summer

Garden Situation

afternoon sun; semi-shade; light shade; sun; sandy soils; screen; wildlife insects butterflies carpenter bees birds butterfly host; narrow spaces; fast-growing easy-care




bushveld savanna

Rain Season


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An attractive, grey-leaved shrub that is the almost spherical in shape. I love this shrub for its versatility and extreme neatness that requires very little gardener input! Hailing from the Limpopo region, the natural habitats are the sandy soils of dry woodland. Happiest is dappled, partial and light shade, it will grow in full sun. The Grey Barleria is one of the prettiest shrubs for summer rainfall gardens. Leaves are large and furry, with just a hint of green, enticing you to reach out and touch; a wonderfully tactile plant. There is firmness to the thick leaves though they do droop and curl inwards when the plant is stressed – whether from drought or excessive sun. Flowering season begins in summer, each pure white petal unfurling from a large, folded flower-head to stand up above the leaves. In a good year, they can cover the shrub, but more often than not, a few flowers are on display at any one time, and this continues for many months. Hairy flower-heads  turn brown as they dry, remaining on the shrub for weeks. Even then, the bush looks good.

Barleria albostelata
Barleria albostelata
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