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Bauhinia tomentosa


Water Needs

moderate; low

Bauhinia tomentosa
Shrub medium
Yellow Bell Bauhinia

4 x 3 m


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade


light; moderate; hardy


yellow November to April; spring summer autumn

Garden Situation

sun; afternoon sun; semi-shade; container; screen; wildlife; small area trees; shrubbery; wildlife bees insects butterflies birds butterfly host; narrow spaces;


coastal eastern cape; coastal kzn; rocky places; bushveld; grassland;


thicket; highveld; Subtropical East Coast; bushveld savanna

Rain Season


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Large yellow flowers adorn the Yellow Bell Bauhinia from November through to April. The growth form is airy and drooping and flowers are conspicuous against the small, bright green leaves. Typical size is 4 x 3 m in a garden and it makes a beautiful addition to a mixed screen. Flowers attract pollinating insects, like the CMR-beetles and the Orange-Barred Playboy butterflies. Insectivorous, nectar and seed eaters will visit, like Louries, Barthroated Apalis, Cape White-eye, Crested and Blackcollared Barbets, and Red-capped Robin-chat, (Natal Robin). Grey Louries eats the flowers. Natural distribution range is Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo and Mpumalanga where it grows on forest edges, in woodland, bushveld, in scrub on rocky slopes and is common in coastal dune bush

Bauhinia tomentosa
Bauhinia tomentosa
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