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Crassula capitella


Water Needs

low; Drought tolerant and water wise

Crassula capitella
Red Flames or Campfire Crassula

15 - 20 cm


Light Conditions





Large creamy- pale yellow; summer autumn

Garden Situation

sun; rockery; slope bank; walls; roof gardens; paving; dry soils; sandy soils; wildlife bees insects butterflies butterfly host


fynbos; rocky places; grassland; coastal eastern cape; coastal kzn; urban streets


thicket; highveld; western cape

Rain Season

Summer, winter

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A branching succulent with thick, fleshy leaves. These are bright green for much of the year, changing to bright orange-red in a dry, cold season. It has a prostrate habit, forming dense mats up to 15 - 20 cm high. Creamy white flowers cluster at the tips of the stems from summer into autumn. While it thrives in full sun, it will reward you with lusher growth if given midday to afternoon shade in hotter, inland areas. There are 5 distinct subspecies with similar leaf and flower colour. Many varieties of butterflies visit this plant; in my garden the Blue Pansy and the Garden Commodore are always in attendance. Plants often roots where stems touch the ground, and are easy to multiply plants with cuttings.

Crassula capitella
Crassula capitella
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