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Crassula spathulata


Water Needs


Crassula spathulata
Succulent; Groundcover
Green Cushion Crassula, or Spatula-leaf Crassul

15 cm; low-growing, mat-forming


Light Conditions

shade; semi-shade; sun




White-pink; spring to summer; year-round; spring summer autumn winter

Garden Situation

Dry shade; Semi-shade; sun; container; roof gardens; green walls; paving; slope bank; wildlife bees butterflies insects butterfly host


coastal eastern cape; coastal kzn; fynbos; woodland forest; rocky places;


western cape; thicket; subtropical east coast

Rain Season

Winter; Summer

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One of the prettiest of the Crassula family, the Green Cushion Crassula, or Spatula-leaf Crassula creates a soft, thick cushion of small round leaves providing year round cover. The little pink and white stars that appear from mid-summer  to autumn, cover the plant and are quite eye-catching. It is happy with both sun and shade and spreads quickly to cover quite a large area, giving a lush tropical look to your shade area. Inter-plant this dainty green cushion amongst other perennials to form a mulching groundcover, or below shade to semi-shade shrubs. It does grow in full sun where leaves turn red, but I find the plants look rather dry in these conditions and prefer to use it to create lush, bright green displays in more shaded situations. It looks particularly good planted below woody shrubs like the Hibiscus pedunculatus where the pink flowers of the Hibiscus is echoed in the slightly pink Crassula stars. Try it in front of darker leaved shrubs like the Tinnea barbata, or as a mat below the spectacular bulb, Scadoxus multiflorus subsp Katharinae.   Plants do a reasonable amount of water; this is a succulent species tolerant of drought during a normal dry season.  As with the rest of the Crassula family, simply take some slips and transplant immediately where you want them. Keep them moist for a few days.  Use it to cascade down walls, to edge pathways, in hanging baskets and containers, and as an insect-friendly groundcover beneath trees. Plants are easy to propagate via cuttings.

Crassula spathulata
Crassula spathulata
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