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Falkia repens


Water Needs


Falkia repens
White Carpet

30 cm


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade




white; September - December; spring summer

Garden Situation

sun; shade; dry soils; damp soils; roof gardens; bank; container; paving; wildlife bees moths; narrow spaces;


fynbos; grassland; coastal eastern cape


western cape; thicket; subtropical east coast

Rain Season

winter; summer

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A delightful, ground-hugging perennial with dense, soft, mat-forming foliage and pale pink buttercup-style flowers that fade to white. Flowering season is short, from September to December, but for the rest of the year, it provides a most attractive textured cover. Plants never grow more than 5 to 10 cm and is an excellent choice to replace lawn where there is no foot traffic. A versatile groundcover for both sun and shade, dry or moist conditions. A most intriguing behaviour of this plant, according to the SANBI site, is the dispersal of the seed; seeds are buried by the plant itself when the flower stalk droops down to the ground after flowering, and it is in the soil that the fruits develop. Although many gardeners grow it in the shade, I have seen clumps of this attractive plant thrive on a dry, sunny slope in Kloof. Clumps can be divided every 3 – 4 years to keep growth strong and to multiply your stock of them.

Falkia repens
Falkia repens
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