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Grewia flava


Water Needs

low; water wise

Grewia flava
Shrub large; Tree small
Velvet-raisin; Brandybush; Rosyntjiebos

4 m


Light Conditions





yellow; October – March; spring; summer; autumn

Garden Situation

sun; sandy soils; dry soil; rockery; shrubbery; windy exposed; small area trees; slope bank; wildlife birds insects butterfly host


hot & dry; rocky places


bushveld savanna; desert; Highveld; karoo

Rain Season

summer; winter

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A deciduous multi-stemmed shrub or small tree up to 4m in height, this is the species for the bushveld and arid regions of the country, being both drought and frost hardy, and surviving readily in the deep Kalahari sands. Leaves are grey-green, elliptical or oblong in shape, with a rounded to pointed tip. 3 veins radiate out from the base. Leaves are softly hairy above, with a paler and more velvet underside with serrated margins. These are held erect from the stems. Yellow star-shaped flowers are lightly scented with short petals of up to 10 mm long, with longer yellow sepals. The Velvet Raisin has a long flowering season, from October to March, and these are followed from December to April, by round, red-brown edible fruits. Image 1: JMK via Wiki Commons; Image 2: Bernard DUPONT via Wiki Commons

Grewia flava
Grewia flava
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