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Hebenstretia species


Water Needs


Hebenstretia species
Katstert; Katstertjie; Lebohlollo (ss)

60 cm


Light Conditions





white; yellow lip; Summer Spring

Garden Situation

sun; grassland; container; hanging basket; rockery; clay soils;


grassland; rocky places; coastal eastern cape; bushveld


thicket; Highveld; bushveld

Rain Season


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The Hebenstretia genus is an intriguing wildflower from the Scrophulariaceae family of flowering annual or perennial herbs which includes the Buddleja range. I’ve always known this family by the common name, Katstert; SANBI suggests this species goes by the moniker, Eastern Shrubby Slugwort, a name that is in no way reflective of its beauty! Hebenstretia dura is a grassland specialist of the summer rainfall regions from the Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga. Plants are evergreen with glossy dark green leaves that are long, narrow, with serrated edges produced densely along the stem. Katstert has a soft, rather loose and lanky growth form, forming mounds up to 60 cm high. White flowers carry a bright yellow or orange blotch at the base of lower lip. Flower size: between 30 – 80 mm long growing on tips above the leaves. Flowers are sweetly scented. Habitat: grassland; rocky places; cec; bushveld Region: thicket; Highveld; grassland; bushveld Flowers: white; yellow lip Summer Frost: hardy Water needs: moderate Size: 60 cm Garden situation: sun; grassland; container; hanging basket; rockery; Hebenstretia comosa Katstert; Katstertjie; Lebohlollo (ss) Another grassland species with a neat, compact growth form. Flowers form dense packs above the leaves on long slender stems ensuring they move gently along with their companion grasses. Flowers are white to pink or yellow with yellow or orange blotch at the base of lower lip. These are sweetly scented and up to 20 cm long. Water needs: moderate Frost: hardy Sized: 60 cm Flower: white pink yellow July to April Region: thicket; Highveld; subtec; bushveld Habitat: grassland; bushveld; cec Garden situation: sun; rockery; grassland

Hebenstretia species
Hebenstretia species
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