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Hypericum revolutum


Water Needs

moderate; high

Hypericum revolutum
Shrub small; Shrub medium
Curry Bush

2 m


Light Conditions





Acid yellow; summer autumn

Garden Situation

damp sun; sun; screen; shrubbery; wildlife sunbirds carpenter bees; fast-growing easy-care; clay soils;


woodland forest; grassland; coastal eastern cape; coastal kzn; bushveld;


thicket; highveld; subtropical east coast; bushveld savanna

Rain Season


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The flowers are very pretty with soft fluffy yellow stamens massed in the centre of the 5 soft petals. Birds visit and can be seen scrounging for insects and once established this shrub will show off its flowers almost year round ensuring wildlife will be in attendance constantly. Its full size will be reached after 4 years or so, but it does begin to flower at 2 years. It makes a most attractive soft hedge with its neat growth habit and size and makes a lovely flowering shrub for smaller gardens as well. The branches gracefully arch from the central stem covered in narrow-pointed leaves. While enjoying both sun and semi-shade conditions, it will perform better in shaded conditions if it receives some sun through the day and does need good rains. Add good amounts of compost to the planting hole and keep the curry bush well mulched with layers of leaf mould to encourage strong growth and resilience. If it does begin to sprawl somewhat a prune at the end of winter will encourage new central growth. Often seen as a pioneer shrub the natural habitat of this Hypericum is scrub forest where it will be found on the edges, damp grassland and also alongside streams. It is said to be nature’s fire break as it does not burn well helps to protect the forest where it grows on the edges. As these natural conditions suggest, the Curry bush is frost tender and will not cope with long dry periods. In the garden: Mixed with wild grasses and grassland wildflowers, or as part of a mixed shrubbery H. revolutum adds year round colour and does well in a large container on the patio. It is important to keep the container moist and the plant well fed. Combine it in semi-shade with the contrasting hues of the Plectranthus species as where it will bring out the intense flower and leaf colour. For smaller gardens with limited space, this is a bright and cheerful shrub through all the seasons.

Hypericum revolutum
Hypericum revolutum
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