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Malephora crocea


Water Needs

low; drought hardy; water wise;

Malephora crocea
Succulent; Groundcover
Copper Vygie; Vingerkanna

20 – 30 cm


Light Conditions





Copper orange; dark orange; spring; year round

Garden Situation

sun; slope bank; container; hanging baskets; sandy soils; salty air; rockery; walls; urban streets; paving; roof; green walls; windy exposed; wildlife insects; narrow spaces;


hot dry; urban streets


Succulent Karoo; Karoo; desert

Rain Season

winter summer

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This attractive Mesemb hugs the ground covering a wide area rapidly. From spring onwards the pale green to blue-green leaves are covered in coppery orange to dark orange flowers with a yellow centre. These grow at the tips of short stalks held just above the leaves. Flowering can take place intermittently through the year. As is typical of the vygies, flowers open in the heat of the day, around midday, and close again as the light darkens. Flowers are visited by butterflies, flies, bees and wasps, and other insects. Plants from arid climates have evolved to hang on to their seeds, with seed capsules remaining closed until it rains when they open to scatter some seed. They close again as soils dry, opening once again as the rains fall, in this way, spreading the seed and thus chances of germination. Plants look best for a season or two, then should be replaced. When planting, don’t use any compost or fertiliser both of which encourage leaf growth and reduces flowering.

Malephora crocea
Malephora crocea
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