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Nemesia fruticans


Water Needs

low; moderate; water wise

Nemesia fruticans
Mauve Nemesia, or Wildeleeubekkie

30 – 60 cm


Light Conditions





pink; mauve; spring summer.

Garden Situation

sun; grassland; rockery; container; paving; sandy soils; walls; roof; slope bank; wildlife insects butterflies


grassland; rocky places; fynbos; bushveld savanna


thicket; Highveld; subtropical east coast; bushveld savanna; karoo; western cape

Rain Season

summer; winter

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Nemesia fruticans, Mauve Nemesia, or Wildeleeubekkie, adds shades of pale pink and white to the grasslands in spring and summer. Plants grow to 60 cm in height, with a soft, lax growth habit and many slender erect stems. Narrow, serrated shiny green leaves grow along the length of each stem, producing dense foliage near the base. Flowers develop at the tips. These resemble the snapdragon family, usually a pale pink or mauve with a dusting of white. Plants grows naturally in grasslands in rocky areas. The woody taproot enables this little plant to survive frost and resprout after a fire. Various colour forms are popular nursery plants. This original species is best propagated via seed sown in September, while the colour forms are best propagated from cuttings. Plant in well-drained soils in full sun. Often treated as an annual, plants self-seed quite readily. Otherwise, but back hard after flowering or in early spring and plants will grow back.

Nemesia fruticans
Nemesia fruticans
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