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Salvia africana-lutea


Water Needs

low; drought-tolerant

Salvia africana-lutea
Shrub medium
Beach Salvia

1 – 2 m x 1.5 m


Light Conditions



low; moderate; hardy


brown; peach; winter; spring;

Garden Situation

sun; dry soils; sandy soils; clay soils; container; rockery gravel; windy exposed; slope bank; shrubbery; narrow spaces; fast-growing easy-care; salty; wildlife sunbirds insects


fynbos; Coastal Eastern Cape; Urban Streets; Rocky Places


thicket; Subtropical East Coast; Western Cape; Karoo; Bushveld savanna

Rain Season

summer; winter

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Beach Salvia is a soft shrub in shades of grey, rusty-orange and peach-browns. The small dove-grey leaves create the perfect backdrop for its typical companions that share its love of hot, dry conditions. It is a common sight along the beaches where it joins Aloe ferox, both thriving in sandy soils and salty sea winds. A light prune is needed to prevent branches becoming too lanky, and will ensure a prolific crop of flowers the following season. Leaves give off a typical Salvia, citrus-like scent. In a good year, flowers cover the leaves from winter through spring, and attract sunbirds and insects.

Salvia africana-lutea
Salvia africana-lutea
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