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Salvia triangularis


Water Needs

low; moderate

Salvia triangularis
Shrub small
Lilac Creeping Sage

40 - 60 cm


Light Conditions

sun; semi-shade




Variable shades of pale blue, mauve or purple; spring summer autumn

Garden Situation

Sun; semi-shade; rockery; slope bank; wildlife insects


coastal eastern cape; fynbos



Rain Season

Summer; Winter​

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An herbaceous herb to small shrublet with an erect or growth form, branching from a central base, spreading where horizontal stems root. Plant height varies between 40 and 60 cm, and stems often root where they touch the ground, forming new plants that spread quickly. Leaves are most attractive year-round, dark green with a quilt-like texture as a result of deeply sunken veins. New leaves are small with smooth margins that become strongly lobed as they grow longer with age. Flowers form on long stalks above the leaves through spring, summer and autumn (October to March), and come in attractive and variable shades of pale blue, mauve or purple. Flowers are each between 12 and16 mm long, the upper lip 8 – 11 mm long, with a slightly longer lower lip – a characteristic typical of this family. Insects, including butterflies, visit to sip nectar. Growth requirements: flowering in both sun and partial shade, plants will thrive in well-drained soil enriched with compost. Though a cold and drought hardy plant, those in full sun may need supplementary watering in a prolonged drought. Gardens that experience heavy frosts can plant in light shade beneath trees and shrubs as protection. Salvia triangularis is a beautiful plant to soften the edges of a pathway or in a mixed bed, but it requires a little room to spread. This is a South African endemic from the Eastern Cape region, from about King William's Town to near Humansdorp and inland to Somerset East and Keiskammahoek, in open grassy places between bushes and at forest margins (Ref: Flora of South Africa, (2003) Author: Dr J.P. Roux). The Southern Sotho use a decoction of this plant for Liver sickness in animals. Ref: Traditional Veterinary Practice in Africa, Nsekuye Bizimana

Salvia triangularis
Salvia triangularis
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